Thursday, June 24, 2010

Center of Attention Product Spotlight - Liquid Adhesives

Once a month half of the Baker's Dozen participates in a TE Product Spotlight. Today we're showcasing Liquid Adhesives and for just 2 days all liquid adhesives are 15% off!

The glue that I used for my projects is Dimensional Glitter Glue.  I had never used this product before today's product focus.  I really enjoyed working with it!  It's very easy to use, has no smell and dries absolutely clear.  I tried a number of things with this glue, one being just applying it to a stamped image.  It dries clear, shiny and raised, so it gives a nice shine and texture to an image. 

One of my favorite things I found to do with this is to write a word and cover it in glitter.  My first idea was to write the word in glue on a transparency, pour glitter on it, let it dry and peel the word off the transparency.  Unfortunately, that didn't work like I had hoped, so I went to Plan B and cut around the word and attached it to my card.  What I love about this glue is that keeps the dimension.  Other glues that I've tried to write with and glitter ended up flattened once they dried.  This stays raised even when dry.  I think it makes a great handwritten embellishment, don't you? 

The other thing this glue does VERY well, is hold rhinestones and other small embellishments.  It dries perfectly clear, so you don't see glue around the embellishment once it dries. 

I would definitely recommend this glue!  If you haven't tried it, you will really like it.  I have actually used this glue on other projects I've been working on this past week rather than what I would normally use.  So, if you're looking for a new adhesive to try out. . .I highly recommend the Dimensional Glitter Glue!

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Alex said...

These turned out beautiful Charmaine, I love the colors!!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Karen Motz said...

These are FUN Charmaine! The raised effect from the glue is wonderful!


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