Why Oodabug Alley?

What is an "Oodabug" you may ask? Well, when I was a wee-little girl (I mean just starting to talk kind of wee-little)my grandma had this ladybug magnet on her fridge that I just LOVED. I would stand in front of the fridge and point up at it and say in my raspy little toddler voice "Oo, da bug". I was allowed to hold it since that's all I did. . .I would hold it and look at it, not try to put it in my mouth like most toddlers would. The most I would do is try to pick off its dots. Everyone in the family thought it was so cute but odd since the ladybug wasn't very colorful or pretty at all. It was wooden, and pieces of the wood had chipped off here and there. (I didn't do it!) But I LOVED that ladybug magnet. Everyone in my family has called ladybugs "oodabugs" ever since then. Finally, at my wedding shower (twenty-some years later), I opened a gift from my grandma and it was my "oodabug".  As you can see in the picture, she has been well-loved! :) So now you have the story as to why my blog is entitled "Oodabug Alley".


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