Saturday, May 12, 2007


Look at what I received in the mail yesterday! How sweet is this? It's from Angie over at Quacking Creations. Some of you may know her as Duckwaddlequack on SCS. I can't believe I got an Angie original! :) I've always admired Angie's work because she does a lot of the "heavily embellished" stuff that is just gorgeous and I envy because I can't pull it off myself! This was such a nice surprise. As if the card wasn't enough, there was this Rhonna Farrer stamp inside! That is just too sweet! Thank you so much, Angie, for making my day! If you haven't visited Angie's blog, you really should! She makes the most wonderful cards and even shares beautiful pictures of nature! Go and check her out!
For those of you who responded to my "how do you keep your little children busy" post. . .THANK YOU! I was beginning to feel as if I was the only mother whose daily routine was getting boring to both me, and my girls! It's nice to know I'm not alone! If any of you come up with new and exciting ideas, please be sure and let me know! Have a great day!


beate said...

What a beautiful RAK! I love Angie's work as well.

Angie Z. said...

You're so welcome! :)


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