Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy Mail!

I am so late in posting this, but I received this amazing package last week from Jami at Crazy Daisy Creations! First of all, look at that gorgeous card! The rest of the package is full of ladybugs! Jami went to Hawaii a little while ago and brought back these stamps for me because they had ladybugs on them! How adorable! She actually let me in on a little secret. . .her mother-in-law Pam from Stamping With Serendipity actually got a couple of the stamps when she went to Hawaii and gave them to Jami to give to me. Pam also found that fabulous ladybug magnet! I would LOVE to put that on my car if I weren't afraid it would get stolen! LOL Isn't this the sweetest package? I was just floored that they thought of me. Thank you Jami and Pam! You are the best! I just LOVE my package and really appreciate your thoughtfulness! Big HUGS!


Pam Speidel said...

Oh, so happy to see you received the goodies from Jami! Yes Charmaine, we think of you whenever we see a ladybug now. :)
Both of us have been busy and not posting much, but we keep up on your blog and love all your creations. Can't wait to see what you'll do with your new Dandelion stamps from Hawaii! Aloha! Pam :)

Jessie/knightrone said...

What a fabulous package and beautiful card!!! Gorgeous!!!

Juanita B said...

WOW, what a nice gift! The card is beautiful. I am like Pam, whenever I see a ladybug I think of you. Enjoy your goodies. TFS.


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