Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

Wow! I am absolutely flattered that I've been tagged by fellow bloggers Barb Kaszuba, Julie Masse, Michelle, Paris Otremba and Beate! I'm not exactly sure how this works. . .if I'm allowed to tag the people who tagged me or not, so we'll assume that I have to pick people other than who tagged me. (besides, it's so hard to choose!!!) I have to say though, that Paris' blog is one that I just found through her tagging me. . .and I'm so glad I did! I love to visit Barb's blog for her creations and because she has a great sense of humor and really makes me laugh! Julie makes such beautiful cards and is just a sweetheart! Michelle makes beautiful Bella cards (and other cards as well). She is one of the first people I met through blogging. Paris, as I said, I can't wait to continue visiting her blog! And Beate, she is just an awesome person. When I first starting my blog she really helped me out and has been VERY encouraging and full of support. . .and I just love EVERYTHING she makes! :)

Now to choose my 5 blogs to tag:

1. Jami Speidel- Crazy Daisy Creations. She makes the cutest cards and is just TOO CUTE herself! I think we both started our blogs at the same time and supported each other! I found her blog through her mother-in-law's blog and make next choice. . .
2. Pam Speidel- Stamping with {Serendipity}. Pam does a WONDERFUL job of coloring and doodling! I LOVE everything she does, but her coloring and doodling is my fave!
3. Angie Z- Quacking Creations. She is one of the people I envy because she can make those heavily embellished BEAUTIES that my brain can't handle! :) Her cards are just gorgeous!
4. Julee Tilman- Poetic Artistry. Another person I envy because she makes the kind of cards I just can't, but LOVE to admire! She also has fun sketch challenges and things like that too!
5. Julie Brooks- Julie. She makes a lot of wonderful cards and even has a wonderful store,
Doodliedoo,to sell some of the stuff she uses on her cards!

I'm sure if you visit any of the blogs above(both my pics and the ones who tagged me), you won't be disappointed!


Shadowcatcher said...

Thanks for all your kind words. I'd tag you back, but then we'd be in an endless loop! :) I just love checking in on your blog!

Jami Speidel said...

Oh Charmaine!!!! Thank you so much for "tagging" me!!! This was such a nice surpise! (I've been away from my blog for awhile;)Thanks again!!

Julie Brooks said...

Thank you for tagging me! I love reading your blog as well! You are so talented.


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