Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Mail!

I have received some beautiful cards in the mail recently, that I've only just taken pictures of and uploaded to the computer!
This first one is from my upline, Kathy Sacco! Unfortunately, the picture doesn't show the true beauty of the card. The sponging is so soft and pretty and the trees are all sparkly! I wish you could see that in the picture. The sparkly trees are just gorgeous! Thanks, Kathy! You always make such gorgeous cards and I LOVE getting them!

The second card came from Michele Kovack from Thoughts of a Cardmaking Scrapbooker. Michele sent this adorable baby card. I just LOVE that dry embossing and sanding she did on the card. It is just so cute! Thanks for thinking of us, Michele! That was so sweet of you! You certainly made me smile!
The last card is from Taylor Nadraszky. She is the daughter of Michelle Nadraszky at A Stamping We Will Go. A couple of weeks ago when I was visiting Michelle's blog, she had mentioned that her daughter would love to receive her own Christmas cards and if anyone was interested in sending her one, email Michelle for her address. I did. I never expected for Taylor to send a card right back! How incredibly sweet! I LOVE this color combo too. . .and that snowman is just adorable! Thanks Taylor and Michelle! What a wonderful surprise to receive in my mailbox!


Deborah said...

The gorgeous trees card is amazing! Such talent! What an adorable snowman tag card! Love him too! Deb

Anonymous said...

No no thank you Charmaine! My pleasure! Thank you for all your kind words.

Merry Christmas!



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