Sunday, December 2, 2007

Very Happy Mail!

It has taken me a while to take pictures and upload them, etc, but I wanted to share with you all of the wonderful cards and gifts that were waiting for me when I got home from the hospital!

This snowman set was from Donna Baker at Serenity in Stamping. Isn't this just the CUTEST? I LOVE the gift tag too! So perfect! Donna, I couldn't help but post it. . .it's just too cute not to share! :)

Flo at Flossie's Follies sent me this adorable card with the Sweet Pea patterned paper and a gift card. Flo, you really didn't have to do that. Thank you so much for thinking of us! I also got this wonderful Christmas card from Flo! How cute is that?

Dawn Griffith at Dawn's Stampin Thoughts sent this adorable baby card. What a unique sentiment! I just LOVED it!

Lynn Put sent the ADORABLE hippo card! I just LOVE that little "baby" tag. How absolutely sweet!

Beate of Fresh and Fun made this very elegant baby card! It is just gorgeous! She does this style so well. . .a style that I just shy away from! LOL

RoseAnn Reynolds of Paper Delightz sent the adorable little baby with the Cuttlebugging! RoseAnn, I have to tell you I went out and bought these Cuttlebug folders because of this card! Too CUTE!

Mary Jo Albright of Beauty Lies Within made the adorable teddy bear card with those awesome jumbo brads! LOVE those colors!

Maria Colosimo of Kitchen Sink Stamps sent this unique round card! What a neat way to use your Nestabilities! And what a CUTE card!

Jenn at Just For You By Jenn sent the CUTE baby buggy card. LOVE those colors Jenn! Such a sweet, sweet card!

Lila Holgate at Lila's Creative Corner sent this rockin' star card along with the Rock Star rhinestone stickers. . .just because! How thoughtful of her. . .and I LOVE the card and stickers!

Andrea Hays of Crafts on a Whim sent this thank you card for being a Featured Crafter on her site. Thank me? I'm the one that should be thanking her! Andrea also sent an Expectabella and Her Fella card for the baby and I'm so mad. . .I can't find it! It's one of the things that got lost in the shuffle of coming home from the hospital and reorganizing everything! It is an ADORABLE card too! Andrea, as soon as I find it, I will share it here. . .I promise! Thank you so much for the wonderful cards! EDITED TO ADD: As I was typing this, I remembered that my husband brought that card to the hospital, so I checked in my hospital bag, and there is was! Isn't it adorable!? Did you notice the Bella has "eyeshadow" on? So cute!

The adorable baby rattle card came from Bonnie Ratzloff. I LOVE all the sparkle and the primas! Such a cute card!

And finally, this gorgeous stork card came from Amy Westerman of Heartfelt Greetings. I don't know if you can see in the picture, but this card has REAL stitching and it's GORGEOUS! If I could sew, I would think about getting a sewing machine, but I'll just stick to the faux stitching! LOL Your stitching is PERFECT, Amy!

Again, a BIG thanks to ALL of you! You made my coming home from the hospital a real treat! I really appreciate all of your thoughts and especially your beautiful creations! Big HUGS from me to you!


Janine said...

Awesome cards Charmaine. Hope all is well with the little one and that you are getting some sleep. ZZZ !!!

Shannan said...

What awesome happy mail!!

Michelle said...

What an array of beautiful cards! It just proves how special and loved you are! :-)

Donna said...

you're so sweet & blessed! You're welcome for the little gift *smile* you've brightened a LOT of my days with your sweet comments (and most recently, emails) so I just wanted to return the blessing.

diane mcvey said...

That is so great, to get so many well wishes for the baby!!! Don't you feel loved??!! Thanks for sharing these beautiful cards with all of us! :)

Rose Ann said...

Thanks for sharing all of your 'happy mail'! Wonderful creations...and you deserve it! ;)

Julie Masse said...

Wow You have gotten some awesome cards and treats!! Love seeing everything! Being looking for some more coming soon *wink*!

Alli Miles said...

Wow that IS happy mail!

chelemom said...

How sweet of all your blogger buddies! I have one on its way to you.....I am ALWAYS late....needed stamps...finally got some!

Andi said...

Look at all the wonderful gifts you were showered with! You are such a sweet person and I am very glad I got to know you a little bit better. Enjoy all your goodies!

Shannon Erskine said...

WOW! Major happy mail for you!LOL!


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