Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Baker's Dozen Studio Challenge - September

It's time for the Baker's Dozen Studio Challenge. This is a monthly opportunity for us to share what makes our stamping studios hum. Each month we will have a fun, crafty question so we can share our favorites, some tips and tricks, stamping advice and more.

The question for September is:
Within Arm's Reach - What do you keep within arm's reach at your stamp table? Show us what you have access to without leaving your seat. What organization methods do you use? Tell us which ones you love and which ones you'd like to change.

My studio space is not as organized as I'd like it to be.  We moved this summer, so I'm still deciding on certain things and sorting through stuff that I didn't know I had ;) until I had to pack everything up!  First of all, I stand to craft.  I've trying sitting, but I just don't like it.  I prefer to stand and already be on my feet if I need to get something from another part of my room. . .and I'm already up when it's time to run after the kids to see what they're up to!  :) 

My table is counter height and it's an "island" in my studio.  I like to be able to walk around the table and work on the other side for diecutting.  I like to keep it as cleared off as possible, but the things I keep on it for easy access are my dies that I work with the most, my craft bag with various adhesives, scissors and other odds and ends, and my basket that has my acrylic blocks and sometimes embellishments that I just got and plan on using. 

Underneath my stamp table is a cart which contains my most used inks, embossing folders, ribbons and other embellishments.  I open these drawers each day that I craft, so I like to have it close.  Of course, next to that is the trash can.  You can't see it in photos, but "behind" where I stand to craft is my computer and desk. 

Here are a few views of my shelving in my studio space where I keep stamp sets, diecutting machines, papers, etc.  You can see my collection of TE stamps in the Mini & Petite Storage Boxes.  I've told you how much I LOVE my Key Ingredients Subscription, and you can see all of those in the last bookshelf pic. 


One thing I'm trying to change is my die storage.  The plastic box that I used was fine when I didn't have as many dies, but now it is overflowing and when I'm searching for a particular die, it's frustrating to look through this box.  I saw an idea for storing dies in CD sleeves, so I thought I'd try that.  I had the box on hand, so I bought CD sleeves.  I write on the top left corner, the names of the dies in the sleeve and on the right corner, the company whose dies they are.  It's going to take me a while to finish this changeover, but I LOVE how I can see in the window of the sleeves and how I'll just be able to look through them like files. Plus, I can keep any templates I've made for alignment WITH the die instead of having to create a new one.

I hope you've enjoyed the tour of my stamping space!  I can't wait to see what the rest of the Baker's Dozen is sharing!  You can visit each of the blogs below for a peek into their stamping space!!  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

  • Cammie King (Guest Designer)
  • Jen Shults
  • Jodi Collins
  • Karen Giron
  • Melody Rupple
  • Regina Mangum
  • Sankari Wegman
  • Shannon White
  • Shelly Mercado
  • Stephanie Kraft
  • Taylor VanBruggen
  • Wanda Guess


    Sankari W. said...

    Such a cute space Charmaine!! I LOVE that CD folder tip for storing dies - great idea!!

    Wanda G (stampcat) said...

    Hi Charmaine! So nice to get a behind the scenes peek into your pretty room! I love all the light! My room is like a cavern...LOL. Great idea about the die storage and love your bookcases. :-)

    Melody said...

    I love your die storage idea. I have mine in drawers but I spend too much time looking for things!

    Shelly said...

    Love all your shelving space and your die storage! Your window wonderful...love the bright room!

    Carolyn King said...

    I need to do that for my die storage!!! Great idea! Love you new office. So fun to pull everything out and remember all the stuff you forgot you had :)

    Stephanie Kraft said...

    Love your stamping space, Charmaine! Your counter height table is perfect for standing and stamping and that big window allows for the light to come in!

    Ravengirl said...

    Cute space, nice and light. Thanks for showing your die storage in process. I think that could work better for me than what I have going on now.

    Shannon White said...

    Wow! Love your Bright Cheery Space Charmaine! So fabulous to have a whole room just for crafting! I love all your bookshelves of storage and I prefer the higher table too! Somethings, I like to stand for too and I just push my bar height chair aside, lol! 8-) Fabulous Space Lady! 8-)


    Karen Giron said...

    I had no idea you stand and stamp, that's so perfect with the kiddos! Your space is fabulous - especially you papers and dies.

    DottyA Cards & Things said...

    Oh this is so nice a bright and clean looking... love how you can get to everything!
    I just love it when we get to see how everyone has there work area set up I always learn something new I can use too!!!

    Holly Saveur said...

    Great space love all the light and white in your room.


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