Monday, July 28, 2008

More Birthday Mail!

Here are a few more birthday cards and treats that I received.

This first one is from Melissa at Simply Pink. Melissa is such a sweetheart and actually has a birthday the day before mine! I just LOVE this card. Look at that perfect bow! Thank you so much for thinking of me, Melissa!

The second card is from Libby of Libby's Little Addiction. How cute are those ladybugs? I just LOVED them when I opened the card. As if they weren't cute enough, did you notice those adorable little stick pins on there? So, so cute! Thank you, Libby, for such an adorable card. You're so thoughtful!

The last card and treat is from Donna of Serenity in Stamping. Look at that adorable box and card! I LOVE all that glitter! The treats inside the box are awesome! I already have plans for some of them! :) Thank you, Donna! I just LOVE my birthday package. You're the best!


Donna said...

these are awesome RAKS! I adore the one Libby made - those heart stick pins are so sweeet!!! look forward to seeing you use some of those goodies I sent ya

Craft Girl ! said...

These are just adorable. Thanks for sharing.


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