Thursday, June 28, 2007


Look at this GORGEOUS card I received today! I couldn't believe it! This is from Julee at Poetic Artistry. I can't believe she took the time to send me a card! Have you seen how busy she's been with her Beach Blogger Bingo? Oh my goodness. I haven't had a chance to play along yet, but it's a real hit and keeps her hopping with card sketches and winners! Julee, this card is just wonderful! The bee is SO stinkin' cute! Have I mentioned how much I just LOVE these bees? The colors on this card and patterned paper is just stunning. You can't really see the shimmery white cardstock in the picture, but it's just beautiful in real life. Thanks, Julee! You absolutely made my day!

1 comment:

Shadowcatcher said...

You're so welcome - I'm so glad you liked the card! Those bees are so easy to make a great card with - they really steal the show.


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