Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Mail!

Look at this adorable card that my sweet friend Sandy Vankirk sent me? I have never seen a card like this. It's called a Never-Ending Flip Card. Sandy attended a class and learned how to make these cards and sent me the cards AND directions just in case I'd like to learn how to make them! How sweet is she? The still pictures don't show how very cool this card is! The card will continue to flip as you pull the sides. So cool!

The second card she sent was a double pocket card. I have seen those before, but I've never made one! Thanks, Sandy, for making my day with your happy cards! That was so sweet of you to think to send them to me!


Dawn Easton said...

What cool cards Charmaine! She did a fab job with both of them. I just saw one of those never ending cards at a LSS the other day and thought they'd be neat to learn at the class.

Alexandra said...

these are really awesome cards Charmaine - love the colors and that flip card looks really cool - I would love to learn how to make one!


Donna said...

ooh, these are so sweet!!

kat said...

Well, YOUR cards are enough to make me 'ooo' and 'aahh' but the Never Ending Fold card has me fascinated...I love trying new & interesting fold & pocket cards; do you think you could get the 'how to' directions from your friend OR give us a link to them? I've been turning & tipping my head every-which-a-way, trying to figure that one out. Thanks!


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