Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!

 Well, the Valentines are all made and taken to school, ready to be passed out!  It is nice to finally have that project completed!!  I thought I'd share with you the Valentines my kids made.  First up is my son, Isaac.  I pretty much created the whole thing.  He just signed his name on the insides.  :)  In preschool, they don't want you to address each Valentine because it just slows down the whole process of the children passing them out!  :)  I went with the chalkboard technique for my Isaac's Valentines.  I thought it would be simple.  I used the dinosaur from the Tremendous Treats:  Valentine set from Papertrey Ink.  I found these little valentine bubbles at Target, so I created a little card that would hold the bubbles inside.

All I did was cut two slits in the crease of the card.

Then I opened the card and reversed the portion between the two cuts to fold inside the card and then inserted the bubbles.  Simple!

My two daughters, however, wanted to do their own Valentines.  They were fine with mom making the actual card and stamping, but they wanted to color and assemble.  :)

Arwen created her cards using two of the monsters from the Love Monsters set from Taylored Expressions.  After she colored her monsters, we added one googly eye to go with the sentiment.  ;)  I love how the one monster ended up looking like he was giving a big wink.  lol
 In 1st grade, they bring home their class list and are expected to address each Valentine.  So, Arwen signed her name on the inside and addressed them on the back.
Savannah used the same set Arwen did, but she wanted to use different monsters and one different sentiment.  She chose the I {heart} U sentiment for the girls and "I only have eye for you" for the boys.  As you can see from her coloring, she added hair, bling and all sorts of extras!  :)
I hope you have a special Valentine's Day!  Thanks for stopping by!!

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Rose Ann said...

These are the cutest kids' Valentines, Charmaine!! Love the idea to use the bubbles too! Awesome!!


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