Monday, July 23, 2007

Tagged Again!

I was tagged by Anna at Paper Posies, Monika at M.A.D. Stamper and Tara at Tara's Paper Crafts. A couple of these tags go back a while, so I'm REALLY behind. Once I got my third tag, I thought I'd better get on the ball! You are to list 7 random facts about yourself. I did this tag a while ago, but it sure is fun to find out random things about other stampers, don't you think? Here's my list:

1. I come from a very large family. I am the oldest of 6, and my parents are each one of 10 children.

2. I am a very quiet person and am uncomfortable starting a conversation most of the time. Once I get started, though, I'm just fine! :) Odd for someone who has spent their life in theater, huh?

3. I am now pregnant with baby #3! (over half way through, in fact!) And we just found out it's a BOY!

4. It drives me NUTS to be home a lot. I like to go go go. . .whether it be to visit family or friends(both which I do often) or go to the park. I get really bored if I'm home a lot.

5. My family nickname given to me by my grandma (before I was even born) is Charlie. My grandma's from the south, so she pronounces it "Chah-lie" with that southern drawl. Most of my friends call me Charlie too because I lived with my grandparents when I went to college, and when my friends would call, they'd get a real kick out of my grandma calling "Chah-lie, telephone!"

6. Charmaine is actually my middle name! My first name is Patricia (just like my mom and grandma). My mom didn't think it sounded right Charmaine Patricia, so she named me Patricia Charmaine, but I've always been called Charmaine formally.

7. Unlike most women, I HATE clothes shopping. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for craft shopping! :)


Sherrie said...

Thanks for sharing, congrats on baby #3! A boy too! Wonderful! Love all the challenge cards you have posted lately, you always seem to come up with a wonderful creation!

Lisa said...

oohhh I'm with you on the clothes shopping thing! Maybe it's because most clothes are geared towards women that are 5'6", and here I am all 5'11" of me...I just hate it that shirts end up at my lower rib cage and long pants (not that I own any) end up at my knee caps....*sigh* oh to have someone in the clothing industry finally realize that women come in sizes 2-16 and short/average/TALL as well!!

Linda said...

Oooooh, ready! Boys are SO different from girls. I am constantly amazed at the differences!

That's funny about your name - my nickname was George before I was born, and again in my mid-childhood (before teens). I was SUPPOSED to be a boy (based on all the old wives' tales) and so was going to be named after my uncle George. Got named after my aunt and godmother - and no, NEITHER of those names are my "real" name of Linda...

Like you, I can NOT stay home either...but unlike you, I just always go craft shopping...I do hate clothes shopping too!

Heather said...

You are pregnant again? Gadzooks- how exciting! And now you'll have a boy- your husband won't be completely taken over by estrogen!
PS- I hate clothes shopping too!

AnnL said...

Congrats on a boy! How exciting. I have 2 and they are a blast. They are TOTALLY different than little girls. I have a niece, and she is such a difference. Good luck! Any name ideas?

Mercy said...

mega congrats to finding out your #3 is a boy! i hope all is going well with the pregnancy, and i wish you a swift and MEDICATED delivery...LOL!

love your work, so keep it up!

stampinat6213 said...

That was FUN getting to know you better! Congratulations on your preganancy! Baby boys are so precious! I've always thought that baby boys are more cuddly than baby girls???? I'm a mom of both a boy and a girl ... BOTH are HUGE blessings! Enjoy!

diane (cookiestamper) said...

Glad I found you through Beate's blog....hello from another PA stamper! And happy belated birthday!

Diane McVey said...

Hurray, Congratulations on your baby boy-to-be! He's just got to stay in there a bit longer, and then the fun begins! haha I had 4 boys, no girls, and you will SO enjoy your little guy! The girls will "mother" him, I'm sure....oh what fun! I begged my Mom to have a baby for me to play with when I was young! I was baby crazy(still am, at 52!) LOVE your blog, and so glad we got to know you better! :)

Angie Z. said...

Oh how exciting - a boy! :) I've been wondering if you had found out yet! So exciting!

Libby Hickson aka stampinlibby said...

Didn't know you were pregnant - congrats!!! And a boy! Yeah!!


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