Monday, July 9, 2007

Wonderful Mail Day!

When I went to my mailbox today, it was like my birthday all over again! I was so excited! I got 2 cards and a package! Woo hoo! This first card is from Diane Gilbert at My Little Stampin' Spot. Isn't this just the sweetest card? I LOVE the way Diane used the Pick a Petal set! The patterned paper is just wonderful! I "met" Diane through my blog. She was one of my readers and wanted to start a blog of her own but wasn't sure about it. I'm so glad she ended up starting one because she has such wonderful things to share! I LOVE visiting her blog. Thank you, Diane! I really love my card! Check out Diane's other WONDERFUL stuff on her blog! She makes beautiful things!

The second card I received is from Nancy Elrick at Nancy's Creative Mess. If you've been to Nancy's blog, you know that it is anything BUT a mess! I can't believe I haven't really visited her blog until now! I am really looking forward to going back over there and checking out her other delightful creations! The card that Nancy sent me is just so colorful! I love the way she colored it, the patterned paper, and the gorgeous little rhinestones that frame the sentiment. What a beautiful card! Nancy, thank you so much for thinking of me on my birthday!

The package I received is from Jami Speidel at Crazy Daisy Creations! I could not believe this package! Can you? I have followed Jami's blog since it's beginning since we both started at the same time. We gave each other support in the beginning since neither of us knew what to expect with this blogging thing. Jami is a real sweetheart and it's very evident through reading her blog! I just LOVE this big floppy flower card she made me, and the box of goodies is just awesome! That CUTE little ladybug stamp, and did you notice I got another Jami original bracelet?!!! I won one of her bracelets a little while back and I just LOVE it! This one has a little ladybug charm! It is just the sweetest, most thoughtful gift and I adore it! Thank you SO MUCH Jami! This package was such a BIG, wonderful surprise and you are such a sweetheart! I cannot express how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness!

I am just so blessed and fortunate to have my blogging friends! Blogging has opened up a whole new world for me and I am so grateful for each of you. . .all my readers, those who comment, and those I've come to know a little better. You have no idea how each of you brighten my every day! THANK YOU!


Nancy said...

You are very welcome, Charmaine!! And lucky you on the Jami Bracelet. I too won one on her blog and have been wearing it daily since it arrived in my mailbox at the end of June. I just LOVE it!

Jami Speidel said...

So glad you liked your package!

Taylor (stagccva) said...

What a fun day!!! Good for you!

beate said...

What a wonderful mail day! You so deserve it!


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