Monday, March 19, 2007

Nugget Box Tutorial for 8 pieces (2x4)

I wanted to make this tutorial as part of the Oodagoodie set, so that you can make both a Stationery Folder and an 8-piece Nugget Box as shown in the set. There is a Nugget Box Tutorial posted on Splitcoast by Lori Craig for a box that holds 3 nuggets. Chris Simon (cdjksss) has created patterns for nugget boxes in any size you can imagine, which is where I got these directions. You can check out her patterns in this thread. My tutorial is walking you through the "nugget box 8 short" for which she has a pdf file attached in post #4 of this thread. You can print out her patterns, as well, if they are more helpful to you.

-5"x6.25" piece of cardstock for the box
-4 1/16"x7 3/8" piece of cardstock for the sliding cover
-paper cutter with scoring blade
-sticky strip
-8 nuggets
-8 pieces of cardstock measuring 1"x3.25" for the candy wrappers

Step 1 (the box)
Take your 5"x6.25" piece of cardstock and score both 5" sides at 5 1/8" and 5.75". Turn the cardstock and score both 6.25" sides at 3 7/8" and 4.5". (I've traced the score lines with a white gel pen so you can see what your score lines should look like when you're finished).

Step 2
Use your scissors to cut and remove the 3 small boxes that make an "L" shape at each corner.

Step 3
On the 6.25" sides, cut along the score line to create the little tabs as shown in photo.

Step 4
Apply sticky strip as shown in photo.

Step 5
Put the tabs along the longer side of the "box" and then fold that side over the tabs. Repeat on other long side.
Step 6
Fold over the two short sides to form the box.
Step 7 (the sliding cover)
Take your 4 1/16"x7 3/8" piece of cardstock and score the 4 1/16" side at 3.25", 3 15/16", and 6.75". (I've traced the score lines with a white gel pen so you can see what they should look like when finished). You would also want to stamp this piece now if you choose.

Step 8
Turn this piece over and apply sticky strip to the 3/8" section of the paper as shown in photo.

Step 9
Flip the cardstock back over and fold down the 3/8" section with the sticky strip, peel off the backing and fold over the rest of the cardstock, lining up the ends and attaching it to the sticky strip. Now you have your sliding cover.

Step 10 (the wrappers)
Take your eight 1"x3.25" pieces of cardstock and stamp them if you choose.

Step 11
Flip them over and apply sticky strip to both ends.

Step 12
Peel off backing and apply one end to the bottom of the nugget, wrap the cardstock around and apply the other end on top of where you applied the first end, completely wrapping the nugget.
Step 13
Put nuggets in box and slide box into cover. Decorate cover as desired.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Charmaine. Another great tutorial! You are on fire!!! Hugs!

Julee (Vervegirl) said...

These boxes are so much fun to make. Awesome tutorial and congrats on your blog candy win on Beate's blog!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! YOUR TUTORIALS ARE AWESOME!!!!!! *Poof* Into my Google Reader so I can see what fun things you do all the time! (Thanks to Beate for sharing your incredible blog!)


Jami Speidel said...

With the help of your great tutorials, I might actually be able to make the nugget box and stationary holder! Great work!

Shanismom said...

great tutorial. i'm going to have to make one.

Anonymous said...

Ok so that is totally cool!!! Great tutorial!iwdri

dawnmercedes said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I want a nugget box...I guess I"ll have to make one for myself!


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