Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Question and a Thanks

I just wanted to answer a question here that was left as a comment since there was no email or link to get back to Wanda. Wanda asked:

wanda has left a new comment on your post "Tilt Card Tutorial": I'm lost, or missed something. If you want it to tilt, why not just cut it out and use a dimensional to slightly tilt it? Or, is it suppose to move slightly?Love this hippo, and the giraffe in this set; had to purchase it.

Wanda, I know it's easy to miss with a still picture, but the hippo's hips actually move when you tilt the card to the right or to the left. (it's not permanently tilted one way) If you've seen a spinner card where the image "spins" across the card, this is similar except that the "track" isn't as long, so the image will only rock or "tilt" back and forth instead of spin. I hope I've explained it better. Let me know! :)

I wanted to thank Linda who left me a comment on yesterday's Anything But a Card post telling me that I can purchase battery-operated votive and tealight candles through! That is VERY good to know! I will definitely check that out for my Verve Butterfly lamp! Thank you so much, Linda! Edited to add: For anyone who might be looking for the battery operated tealights, you can find them HERE.


Amy said...

Charmaine, were you able to find the battery operated votives at Orental Trading Company ? If yes, could you please provide me with the link or item number that Linda was talking about ?

Dawn Easton said...

Another place you can buy them is at Michael's. My husband bought them around Christmas to put in our little village displays. Think it was a package of 4.


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